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After School Club Administration System

For club administrators, managers, play-leaders and all club staff, Libacura is the one-stop on-line club administration system.

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Free 1-month trial for clubs

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Free 1-month trial

The trial is for club staff.

Parents, if you would like your club to use Libacura please ask the staff to take a look! Or, if you know your club already uses Libacura sign in or find out about using Libacura.

Highlights for staff

  • Maintain registration details of children and families
  • Manage clubs and bookings
  • Control accounts, invoicing and fees
  • Send statements, booking confirmations and other correspondence to parents
  • Track waiting lists
  • Print daily registers
  • Get all kinds of reports
  • ... and more ...

Highlights for parents

  • Make and update bookings on-line
  • Use any device
  • Check your account status any time
  • Pay fees on-line
  • Keep contact information up-to-date
  • Register on-line
  • ... and more ...