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Using Libacura

If you have received a "Welcome to Libacura" email, or an email about setting up or resetting your password, please click on the link provided in that email (or copy/paste it into your web browser).

If you have information from your club/school about registering with Libacura, it should include a custom link (URL) for you to click on (or copy/paste it into your web browser).

Otherwise, please ask your club/school about using Libacura, or search the club's/school's own website for information about using Libacura.

Please note: At Libacura we run the Libacura web service on behalf of many clubs and schools, but we are not involved in any aspects of the on-site childcare provision. Please contact your local club/school directly if you have enquiries about their services, fees, terms and conditions, availability of places, session dates and times etc.