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Forgotten password / Set up new password

If you know the username or email address you use to log in Libacura, you can reset your password by following the appropriate link here:

Password not working / Other login issues

My "Welcome" or "Reset" email link expired

You can obtain a new "Reset" email by following the parent or staff link in the "Forgotten password" section above. An email will be sent to you with a new link and instructions on how to set up or reset your password.

I repeatedly get the message "Your login session has expired. Please log in to continue..."

If you have bookmarked a page within Libacura that requires you to be logged in (such as your account summary), it's normal to see this message once each time you use the bookmark. Simply log in and continue. You may prefer to bookmark the login page, to avoid seeing the message.

If you get the message repeatedly, please delete any bookmarks you have for Libacura, and then try logging in again here.

I get the message "It looks like cookies are disabled in your web browser..."

Please ensure cookies are enabled in your web browser, by consulting your web browser settings and/or documentation. You may like to search for help on enabling cookies (using Google).

Other access issues

Parents: Please contact your childcare provider/club/school to have your account re-enabled.

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