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Sparks Play and Care for Sefton Park and Brunel Field Schools Sparks Play and Care for Sefton Park and Brunel Field Schools
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This screen can only be used to register at Sparks Play and Care for Sefton Park and Brunel Field Schools, Bristol.
Libacura is used by lots of independent clubs and schools. You must register with the right club/school.
Contact your club/school directly to find out their correct unique link for registering in Libacura. Many clubs/schools put that information on their own websites.
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We will send an email to this address with instructions for completing the registration process. After successful registration, Sparks Play and Care for Sefton Park and Brunel Field Schools may use this email address to contact you.
Please register all your children who will use Sparks Play and Care for Sefton Park and Brunel Field Schools this year.
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Sparks Play and Care for Sefton Park and Brunel Field Schools
Terms of booking


Mobile Numbers for all our Clubs.
Sparks @ St Barts and Sparks Holiday Club 07714246799
Breakfast Club @ Hut 6388 07729554340
Sparks@Dolphin 07562320784
Sparks@Fairlawn 07729554343


Once we have received your registration through Libacura which is our online booking system, you will then get a welcome email from Libacura explaining how to log in.
We get an email telling us you have registered and we will get in touch by phone to talk about your requirements and send out a booking form by email
You'll be able to log in yourself as a parent once you’ve setup your own password. You will then be able to view your invoice and make payments. We also use this for creating invoices, registers, bookings and keeping on top of payments coming in and going out.

After School Club and Breakfast Club

Very important information – We are changing the booking system to eliminate outstanding fees/credit control so this will mean no more rolling bookings!

Non Childcare Voucher users:

1. All parents will have to pay credit in advance. This means that you will have to put credit into your account before you can book your sessions. You can put credit on via Go Cardless (Please be aware when GoCardless ask you to sign up for a direct debit, this is not a direct debit in the normal way. They do not collect regular payments and you only pay the amount needed at time of booking).

2. The bookings will open for the following month on the 15th of the previous month. E.g. bookings will open on August 15th for September 2018.

3. Even though the bookings open monthly, you can book your sessions on a weekly basis, normally by Wednesday night for the forthcoming week.

4. If you find you have an emergency, ( an emergency does not mean you have forgotten to book). An emergency means your work situation has changed on the day, you have had to go and get a sick child or relative etc you can book daily on an ad-hoc basis up to 12 noon if we have spaces.

5. Rolling/set monthly bookings will no longer be an option and no sessions can be booked upfront without payment being cleared onto your Libacura account.

Childcare Voucher users:
Before you can be a Childcare Voucher user you must let us know which company you intend to use on your booking form and when approximately every month your payment will reach our bank. Once you have notified us, then you can go ahead and make bookings every month without credit in advance. We will update your account every month when your payment has cleared our bank account.
For more information on why we are doing this please see instructions on how to pay which is a separate document that will be sent out to everyone.

Cancellation of Afterschool/Breakfast club sessions

If you have booked any Afterschool and/or Breakfast club sessions then the cancellation policy is now also changing. You now only need to give us one weeks notice (instead of four) as we are now giving parents the option of booking week by week as long as the session is booked by the previous Wednesday.
The swapping sessions policy will also change to a week but if it is any less than a week then this will have to be booked as an additional session as long as we have the space.
You will still be charged for any sessions not attended by the child/ren due to a last minute play date, sickness or any other arrangement that is made if this falls outside of the week notice period. Please let us know of any changes to our email address as we would prefer to have a written/typed record of this rather than just being told over the phone/text message.

Between Monday and Friday term time Sparks closes at 6.00pm. We are only paid until 6pm so it is very important that the children are picked up on time and any lateness will need to be reported by calling us on the mobile number given for the club you are using. If the lateness is repeated than you will be given notice to leave Sparks.
Unexplained lateness will result in a charge of £5 for up to 15 minutes (6.00-6.15pm) £10 for 30 minutes (6.00-6.30pm) and £15 for any time later than 6.30pm. If you arrive later than 7pm, we have a duty to ring Social Services to let them know that there is a problem.
For Holiday club our timings are slightly different so all children need to be picked up by 5.45pm so the same charges will apply in accordance to the loss of the 15 minutes.

Holiday Club bookings are opened up one month before the school holiday and are closed on the last day of the term. There will be Early Bird discount of 10% if booked two weeks before the holiday starts.

Libacura will enable you to book your preferred sessions for the holidays, once the bookings have been opened. If there is space then the system will book your session. If there are not sufficient spaces for a session you will be put on a waiting list and you will be notified when a space becomes available.

Cancellation of Holiday Club Sessions.
If you have booked holiday club sessions in error you have the opportunity to cancel or swop days if the new days are available up to two weeks before the first start date of the holiday. The full price will still be charged if you don’t cancel two weeks before.
We will not be accepting any last-minute bookings for Holiday club and the latest that you can book will always be the last day of term.

Sparks Play and Care for Sefton Park and Brunel Field Schools
Payment notes

Now you have booked your preferred sessions there are several ways to pay:

Option 1 Libacura uses a company called Go Cardless to collect your payment and transfer to Sparks Bank account. Every time you want to pay you add your account number and sort code to Go Cardless. Go Cardless does not store bank account details.

Option 2 By telephone or internet transfer to our bank Sort Code 08-92-99 and account number 65281741

Option 3 By your childcare voucher provider.

Sparks Play and Care for Sefton Park and Brunel Field Schools
Privacy notes

Privacy Notice
At Sparks we respect the privacy of the children attending the Club and the privacy of their parents or carers. The personal information that we collect about you and your child is used only to provide appropriate care for them, maintain our service to you, and communicate with you effectively. Our legal basis for processing the personal information relating to you and your child is so that we can fulfil our contract with you and comply with GDPR-General Data Processing Regulations 2018
Any information that you provide is kept secure. Data that is no longer required* is erased after your child has ceased attending our Club.
We will use the contact details you give us to contact you via phone, email, social media and post [delete as applicable], so that we can send you information about your child, our Club and other relevant news, and also so that we can communicate with you regarding payment of our fees.
We will only share personal information about you or your child with another organisation if we:
• have a safeguarding concern about your child
• are required to by government bodies or law enforcement agencies
• engage a supplier to process data on our behalf (eg Libacura and Go Cardless)
• have obtained your prior permission.
You have the right to ask to see the data that we have about yourself or your child, and to ask for any errors to be corrected. We will respond to all such requests within one month. You can also ask for the data to be deleted, but note that:
• we will not be able to continue to care for your child if we do not have sufficient information about them
• even after your child has left our care, we have a statutory duty to retain some types of data for specific periods of time* so can’t delete everything immediately.
If you have a complaint about how we have kept your information secure, or how we have responded to a request to access, update or erase your data, you can refer us to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).